• Broken needle log sheets are maintained & Needle inventory check twice per day.
  • Needle / eye / pulley guards are available.
  • Button pull test thrice per day. The box attached each button attach machines.
  • Maintain the needle detector calibration log & Detector machine check 9 point system 4 times per day.
  • All metal items are recorded at all sections.
  • All trimmers & scissors are attached to the each machine.
  • Fusing peel born test twice per day & Test fusing glue line temperature for buyer request.
  • Monthly factory safety audit system.
  • All test machines are calibrated.
  • All pack garments are metal detected.


    • Fire drill are conduct & fire training once in every 6 month
    • First aid training conduct once annually.
    • There is a fire & first aid team for each dept.
    • Drinking water test every 6 month.
    • A certified nurse is available in any time per day
    • A qualified  Doctor visits once a week
    • Canteen worker health certificate available.
    • All compressors & Steam boilers are calibrated.
    • Boiler certificate & Boiler operator certificate are available.
    • There is a full insurance for workers & factory.